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One Picture Says It All

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When we first decided to start an online business we knew that we needed to have exceptional photos to highlight our products and catch the eye of prospective customers. With this idea in mind, we tried several different styles and locations to create the perfect photos. We experimented with lighting and various settings and backgrounds. Some of the most fun we have had during this process is when we really started to think creatively and out of the box.

Recently we were at an event that featured an antique and specialty car show. The cars were amazing and we happened to have our booth right across the road from a very cool DeLorean. We decided that it would provide the perfect backdrop for our Satellite Mova Globe. The owner of this car was so kind and loved the idea of letting us take a photo. He even got down on the ground and took the photo for us so that the angle was just right! The combination of the stainless steel modern image of the DeLorean with the globe that featured a natural satellite view of the earth was incredible! This has become one of our favorite photos.

We are excited to try new ideas and share with you fun and creative photos of our beautiful products. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see the photos as soon as we post them!

Satellite Mova Globe looking amazing on the hood of a DeLorean!

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