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Finding Fun and Direction in Your Life

Though the recession is officially over, many are still finding it difficult to find work in this terrible job market. Many have lost their jobs and are looking for things to do to keep their minds busy. I was laid off (“promoted to a non-paid volunteer position”) from my previous job as an office administrator [...]

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A Time to Celebrate Mom

I never once felt that I did not have someone who had my back, someone who could take care of me, someone who loved me. I never felt this because I had the greatest mom anyone could ask for. There are only a few people I have ever known who I can truly [...]

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Every Color of the Rainbow – Capullo Bracelets

The artisans we work with in Guatemala are simply amazing. Their products are highly valued due to the incredible detail and workmanship they bring to each piece. Guatemala is a country in Central America bordered by Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. The handiwork of the Guatemalan people is world renowned. The intricately designed patterns [...]

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Not Just for Identification Anymore

Beautiful and Unique – Kate Mesta Wearable ArtDog tags being used as identification dates back many years. It is now a part of the uniform of soldiers in most countries. Dog tags have now found their way into fashion; displaying personality traits or artistic flair as a very distinctive accessory. In the last few years, [...]

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Guatemalan Goodies

One of the best things about traveling is to immerse yourself in the culture of the place you are visiting. Even when you can not physically visit a location it is fun to learn about places you may want to add to your bucket list. Collecting items that remind you of an experience or are [...]

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Experiencing the World

While my son was in college he spent half a year abroad in Hong Kong. He studied the history, diplomatic relations, and art of all of East Asia. At the end of his stay he was fortunate enough to be able to further travel inland into Southern China and eventually Southeast Asia. [...]

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Travel the World

Last year we were able to take a wonderful trip to the Caribbean. It is amazing to travel and see new places and experience new cultures. There is a quote that I remember hearing, “I haven’t been everywhere, but it is on my list.” This quote rings so true to me and my family. This [...]

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Colors and Patterns

There is something really magical about bright colors put together in intricate patterns and designs. The Hmong people of Thailand are known for their embroidery skills and their flair with patterns and colors. This bag, hand-crafted in Thailand, is an amazing example of traditional Hmong design with a modern twist. This bag is meant to [...]

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The Perfect Pet?

Recently, in the small town of Thousand Oaks, California there was a rare albino cobra on the loose. It was assumed that someone in the local area had kept this exotic and dangerous animal as a pet and it was able to escape from its home. The owner has not come forward yet and quite [...]

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Alphabet Book of Memories

A fun way to learn the alphabet…When my son was young we created an alphabet book for him. For every letter we found items in our home; made special snacks or treats; visited community parks or businesses each starting with that letter. For example, A – we took a picture of my son with apples; [...]

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We Are All Under One Roof

Lifehearthome.com is a family-run business focusing on helping the community, the world, and you by spreading happiness through promoting small acts of kindness. We strive to provide items in our store that will tickle your fancy as a gift for yourself, a loved one, or even a perfect stranger. We primarily sell products from fair trade suppliers, family-run small businesses and local artisans. We hope to spread kindness, inspiration, and happiness through our unique and meaningful selection of gifts. Therefore, LifeHeartHome.com is not just a website or store, it is a way of life.

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